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Andrej Kranjc, Bogdan Opara - (31/1,2002)
In 1884 J. Marinitsch started to measure and note down the data of temperature in the ©kocjanske jame caves and nearby. The results for the period 1886-1914 are recorded in the "Höhlenbuch". During the year 1928 detailed microclimatic measurements are performed simultaneously on the surface and underground. In the years 1960-1962 the members of the Ljubljana University have carried on the meteorological observations in the cave and specially in the collapse doline Velika dolina. In 1992 Karst Research Institute started to monitor the temperatures. Later on 5 temperature recorders were placed into different parts of the cave. The results of the two years (May 1997 - May 1999) were analysed and are presented in this paper. Although the annual mean values are rather similar (10.6° and 10.1°C), there is a great amplitude between the monthly mean values (1.6° to 17.3°). The absolute temperatures range between -1.5° and 21.9°C. The most important factors are distance from the entrance, and the vertical position. The comparison between temperatures of the Reka river and the air temperatures bears an important correlation. Previous results of this short period already show that the part of ©kocjanske jame, where the Reka river is flowing, is an extremely dynamic cave and the visitors cannot have much impact on it's meteorology.
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