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On the origin of the hydrographic net and on some karst phenomena in the Idrija region
Ivan Mlakar - (31/2,2002)
Geological structure on the Pliocene paleosurface level in the nowadays 1000 m altitude were reconstructed. The lithological and tectonical circumstances in that time played a decisive role in hydrographic net origin and also on Kanomljica, Nikova, Idrijca and Belca rivers piracy. Landscape south and NW from Idrija fulfil all conditions to become classical region for initial karstification stadium examination, for that reason to this problems great attention have been paid. Particularly system of cross alpine faults and fissures played significant role on karst phenomena origin. With potholes theory the origin of Wild Lake have been explained and pointed out, that some dolinas at least have been projected already in period when Cretaceous limestones were covered by worse waterpermeable rocks. Anticline structures proved as the best indicator for karst rooms presence. On article end the results of 60 complete silicate analyses of nearly all Idrija' s rocks in table shape are presented.
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