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The Role of Sarvak Formation in Supplying Pol-e Dokhtar Town (Iran) with Drinking Water
Reza Mohamad Ahmadipour - (31/2,2002)
The Sarvak formation is the most karstified formation of the Bageston group, NW from town Pol-e Dokhtar. Its southern limb is karstified and the most important for the ground water. Three wells were drilled for supplying the drinking water to Pol-e Dokhtar. The pumping test (72 hours) was carried out. Analyses of oxygen-18 and deuterium indicated that the water is of meteoric origin. Water from the well1 has the minimal and from the well3 maximal concentrations of tritium which indicate different residence time. Chemical analyses show that the water is of Ca>Mg>Na and HCO3>SO4>Cl type. During the drilling water samples had relatively high NO3 (27 mg/l), which was reduced due to the protection of the area from agricultural activities. Due to this study, the town of Pol-e Dokhtar, which was facing serious problem of drinking water since before the Islamic Republic of Iran, has been solved.
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