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Screening for culturable microorganisms from cave environments (Slovenia)
Janez Mulec, Polona Zalar , Zupan Hajna Nadja , Maja Rupnik - (31/2,2002)
Various microenvironments in three different caves were screened for the presence of indigenous culturable microorganisms: extremely weathered limestone in Peč, ina v Borštu and Martinska jama, cave silver and calcite rafts on the surface of subterranean ponds in Peč, ina v Borštu and calcite moonmilk speleotheme in Snežna jama of Raduha mountain. The counts of viable cells collected are supplemented with laboratory data necessary to establish genus or wider taxonomic group level identity of isolates. Besides other bacterial and fungal groups flourescent pseudomonads are prevailing among isolates.
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