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The dynamics of flowstone deposition in the caves Postojnska, Planinska, Taborska and Škocjanske, Slovenia
Ivan Gams, Janja Kogovšek - (27/1,1998)
The results of flowstone deposition measurements in the caves Postojnska, Planinska, Taborska and Škocjanska Jama of the Slovene karst are given. From 0 to 180 mg of CaCO3 are precipitated from 1 litre of percolation water. The drippings during one year yield average 40 g of flowstone out of 1 m3 of percolation water, in the case of Orjaki, Škocjanske Jame, the deposition is even higher. Comparison of measurements of percolation water flowing either over the speleothems or over sheets of glass in Postojnska Jama since 1963 have shown numerous factors controlling the flowstone deposition. The quantity of precipitated flowstone expotentially increases by the growth of speleothem when water washes larger surfaces of the speleothem. Gravimetric determination of flowstone deposition on sheets of glass (61x18 cm) gave in 34 years an average flowstone growth of 0.11 mm per year.