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Development of the underground railway system on the example of Postojnska jama
Alenka Čuk - (32/1,2003)
The problem of making visits to Postojnska jama more comfortable and easier was solved in 1872 when the first railway was put in the cave. The path through the cave did not have many ascents or descents, therefore it was decided that the carriages in the cave could be "driven by manpower". After 1900 interest in visiting Postojnska jama increased. The Board of Postojnska jama constantly improved and "facilitated the cave traffic" and took care of the utmost comfort of the visitors. For all that, the small, manually operated railway was becoming less and less appropriate. The first test-drives with a locomotive were performed between April and June 1924. In April 1957 two new locomotives with batteries replaced the old, worn-out ones.
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