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The use of structural geological terms and their importance for karst caves
Stanka Šebela - (32/2,2003)
Structural geological studies on karst areas operate with the same structural geological terms as on other geological regions. But because of special geomorphologic terms characterized for karst areas, some structural geological elements, which are in a special way connected with particular karst forms, are used as a special terms, different from those used on non-karstic areas. For Slovene karst we need to divide two most important structural elements that are important for development of cave passages, bedding planes and tectonic structures. And between bedding planes the ones that are tectonically disrupted are very favorable for development of initial cave passages. In the longest Slovene karst caves as Postojnska jama caves, Predjama and Škocjanske jame caves interbedded movements, thrusting and folding deformations, and tectonically broken zones (fissured, broken and crushed zones) are very favorable for initial, and also for older and younger stages of passage development.
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