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Geomorphology of karst depressions: polje or uvala - a case study of Lučki dol
Martina Frelih - (32/2,2003)
Luč, ki dol is a small depression, mentioned in the scarce literature about the karst of Dolenjsko and about the wider area between the Basin of Grosuplje and the valley of river Krka. It has been characterised very differently regarding the karstic form. So it has been named uvala, dry valley, blind valley and also karst polje. Among many definitions of karst polje the author has chosen the one stated by Gams. Although it is sometimes difficult to make a clear difference between uvala and karst polje, has the author made a conclusion, based on the geological, geomorphological and hydrological characteristics which were compared with definition of Gams, that Luč, ki dol is a small karst polje in the piezometric level.
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