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Overview of the karst occurences in northern Cyprus
Mehmet Necdet - (32/2,2003)
Cyprus is at the easternmost part of the Mediterranean and is in the intersected zone bezween Eurasia, Africa and Arabic Plates. Karstification occurs as travertines or caves in Northern Cyprus in formation of different ages. Those formations are the dolomitic limestones of Kyrenia (Girne) Range of Jurassic - Upper Cretaceous, Gypsum Deposits of Messinian ages. Travertine terraces (Quaternary) are seen as characteristic at the northern edge of the Kyrenia Range. Secondary limestones of Holocene age were deposited on the older sediments and seen with some sort of karst features over the island. Karstic occurrences are seen as different size of open or sealed caves and the sinkholes in those formations mentioned above.
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