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Structural vocabulary of cultural landscape on the island of Krk
Branka Aničić, Iva Rechner, Dra�en Perica - (33/1,2004)
Within the large-scale research project in Croatian cultural landscapes, a special place is occupied by the Mediterranean area, with its highly valuable cultural landscape structures. This area is characterised by authentic structures, which represent a valuable cultural heritage and an important element of the national identity. The island of Krk is particularly inspiring in this respect, due to an intricate cultural landscape typology that has developed there under the influence of natural features on the one hand, and the centuries-long agricultural activity on the other. This paper is the result of research in its structural vocabulary in order better to understand and value these unique landscapes. The complex typological articulation was generated mainly by natural karst phenomena (karst valleys and fields, small dolinas, dry valleys), as well as various stone walls, terraces, and similar features, formed through the process of land cultivation. A considerable diversity of landscape units and patterns has been identified through particular structures which often turned out to be assets themselves, and which at the same time help to understand and interpret the outstanding value of the island's landscape.
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