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Small karst features (karren) of Dugi otok island and Kornati archipelago coastal karst (Croatia)
Dra�en Perica, Tihomir Marjanac , Branka Aničić;;;;, Irena Mrak, Mladen Juračić;;;; - (33/1,2004)
Dugi otok Island and Kornati archipelago islands are characterized by karst morphology. Small karst features are particulary well developed along the coast in the swash zone, and significant differences can be observed due to different interaction of wave action, bedding attitude, bed thicknesses and lithology. Among other karren types, fissure- and network-type karren are particulary interesting, both of which start developing from initial root karren. The age of some of these small karst features can be estimated by their occurrence in ancient quarries, and we suggest their historic age. We can envisage the future development of these small coastal corrosion forms.
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