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Change in perception of karst from morphology to morpho-hydrology:Turkish experience in comprehension of karst
Mehmet Ekmekci - (33/1,2004)
Since its establishment as a science in the end of 19th century, methods applied in the study of karst evolved from classification to a system approach providing prediction in x,v,z and t. Information collected to answer the question "what is it" followed by the questions "why and how" and "what if". The change in questions required collection of new information which in turn changed perception of karst by related scientists. An overall evaluation of the progress in karst studies postulates an evolutionary character. Four major stages can be defined with transitional limits to track the change in perception of karst in accordance with the progress in the applied methodology. After discussing the history of karst studies in Turkey, the author questions the reason why the track did not progress parallel to the general evolution of karst studies in the world. Considering the fact that change in perception has caused shifts in meaning of the concepts and terms of karst, it is proposed to define terms not only on the basis of form but the processes of formation and function.
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