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Physico-chemical properties of waters in the Malenščica recharge area (Slovenia)
Janja Kogovšek - (33/1,2004)
Basic physico-chemical properties of waters within the area of Malenšč, ica are given, and so are the connections that they indicate. Dolomitic water of the Cerknišč, ica mostly flows into the Rak in Rakov Škocjan valley, while Kotlič, i springs show the connection with Svinjska jama (cave) and Mala Karlovica. When water levels are low the Rak river at its swallowhole mostly comprises waters from Kotlič, i, with Ca/Mg about 3, 5 and the lowest value 2,2 when the water levels are the lowest, when only the Cerknišč, ica sinks into Svinjska jama, this later reflects also in the water of the Malenšč, ica. When water levels are high, the mixture of Rak and Kotlič, i flows into the swallowhole, and Ca/Mg is about 4. The influx of waters from Pivka Valley is designated by higher ratio of Ca/Mg and higher values of pollution indicators, when the infiltration water from poorly conductive part of Javorniki is designated by Ca/Mg values about 5. Due to the complexity of the system there are still some unanswered questions left which can only be answered by carrying out additional researches.
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