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Karstification of the aquifer discovered during the construction of the expressway between Klanec and Č, rni Kal, Classical Karst
Martin Knez, Tadej Slabe , Stanka Šebela - (33/1,2004)
Sixty-seven caves were opened during the earth removal and the excavation of the tunnel on the 6.5 km route section of the expressway between Klanec and Č rni Kal. By their number, old caves predominated. Two - thirds of these caves were filled with deposits. The caves investigated contributed to our knowledge of the development of this part of the karst. The more than 450 m - long cave system of caves which we are trying to preserve was opened in the tunnel at Kastelec near the Škrklovica cave. Below the road, the passages of this system are connected with concrete pipes, leading from the roadside.
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