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Monitoring of active tectonic structures - Project COST 625
Stanka Šebela - (34/2,2005)
For Western Slovenia moderate historical to recent seismicity is characteristic. The principal aim for Slovenia to join the COST 625 project was to exchange the experiences and methodology and in this way to determine the activity or non-activity of selected faults in Western Slovenia. Within the project frame we decided for several years of monitoring, and in this sense four TM 71 extensometers were installed in Western Slovenia. In the first half of the 2004 two TM 71 instruments were installed in Postojnska Jama on the Dinaric oriented fault that is situated about 1 km North from Predjama fault. The third instrument was installed on Raša fault on the SE slope of Vremšč, ica and the fourth instrument in Uč, ja valley on Idrija fault. The fifth instrument TM 71 will be set up on Kneža fault that is situated south from Ravne fault. The first results from Postojnska Jama are showing the small horizontal movements for 0.05 mm in one year.
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