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Tabor above Zagorje ©ilentabor, archaeological rescue sample trenching in the area of the castle complex
Patricija Bratina - (34/3,2005)
The valleys of the Pivka and Reka rivers make a natural passage from the upper Posavje to the Trieste and Quarnero Bays. The strategic significance of this area in prehistoric times is shown in the numerous hillforts/settlements on the secured peaks of the hills in Late Antiquity with Roman defence blockades, and in the times of Turkish invasions with forts against the Turks. Rescue sample trenching in 1996 in the area of the Tabor archaeological monument above Zagorje - Šilentabor, archaeological site reference EŠD: 764, revealed part of the remains of a Middle Age defence architectural structure and numerous archaeological artifacts, which confirm construction and life within the castle complex from the 15th to 17th centuries, as mentioned in historical sources.
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