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Karstmorphological research in the Mecsek Mountains, South Hungary
Károly Barta, Tamás Tarnai - (28/1,1999)
Besides less investigated and less known karst areas are Mecsek Mountains in South Hungary. For four years research has been conducted to confirm the existence of a cave system several kilometres in length beyond the most abundant karst spring of the Western Mecsek, the Vízfö Spring. Attempts have been made to find the optimal site for opening an entrance to the cave. The article is meant to show the methods and achievements of preliminary geomorphological and hydrological field surveys, which were preceded by a thorough study of literature. Parallel to clearing the entrance to the cave, observations of karst processes and features were also made. The article presents the findings concerning the impacts of young tectonic movements on the extension and links of the catchment area, the communication between surface and underground water-courses and cave formation.
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