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Alpine (?) karst of Eastern Serbia
Milena Zlokolica-Mandić, Jelena Ćalić-Ljubojević - (28/1,1999)
Eastern Serbia abounds in various karst features which could be classified into different traditionally determined types (tropical, alpine...), although it does not have either climatic or elevation parameters characteristic for those types. After introducing the basic postulates of the pure karst model, as well as the theories of inception and development, the fact which becomes evident is that, for example, Alpine and Dinaric karst differ only in dimensions and frequency of features, but not in the basic morphological characteristics. Eastern Serbia is an area which was explored more than a hundred of years ago (the area of classical explorations done by Jovan Cviji }). On the basis of the knowledge of that time, the karst of Eastern Serbia was determined as an example of the Jura type. In recent explorations, however, many entirely new facts have been established regarding sorts, dimensions, frequency and development factors of karst features. That is to say that the main difference lies in the extent of exploration and level of knowledge of an area, or, in other words, whether the karst is explored or unexplored.
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