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New knowledge about the underground water drainage in the Northern part of Javorniki Mountains (High Karst)
Janja KogovÜek - (28/1,1999)
In spring 1997 during low waters the water tracing test on Po╦ek, NE part of Javorniki, established directions, velocities and rates of fluorescent dye Uranin. The most direct connections were shown to be towards Malen╝, ╦ica spring (0.72 cm/s in the first tracing pulse) and seasonal Škratovka spring (0.76 cm/s), both on Planinsko Polje, and towards Vipava spring (0.72 cm/s). The appearance of Uranin in the underground Pivka in Planinska Jama was recorded as well as in Rak, Prunkovec and Kotli╦i springs in Rakov Škocjan. The drainage velocities of these directions were slightly lower. The slowest drainage (0.29 cm/s) appeared in the direction to Strć , en spring near Stara Vas. The Malen╝, ╦ica drained 55%, and the Vipava 26% of injected tracer from Po╦ek. The total quantity of returned Uranin is estimated to be near 100%.
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