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Speleological bibliography of the Pollino massif (Southern Appennine- Italy)
Vincenzo Manghisi - (28/1,1999)
In the Southern extremities of the Appennine mountain range between Basilicata and Calabria, the Pollino massif (m 2267) represents the southern most big calcareous mountain of the Italian peninsula and it has a karst-bearing thickness of 1500 meters. It presents a different principal morphologies of alpine type connected with the processes of erosion and of fluvial, glacial and karstic sedimentation. The numerous caves were the subject of serious speleological investigations only from 1961, in this year, the Abisso di Bifurto (-683 m deep) was explored. Speleological knowledge of the massif is still incomplete and the study of the hydrogeologycal systems is practically absent.
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