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Investigation of groundwater infiltration to seawater in Punat Bay, Croatia, by measurements of conductivity and stable isotopes in water
N. Horvatinćić, M. Groening , N. Mikulić , J. Obhođa� , V. Valković - (29/1,2000)
Locations of freshwater infiltration from the coast to the seawater of the Punat Bay were determined based upon the distribution of conductivity and hydrogen (2H/1H) and oxygen (18O/16O) stable isotope signatures of the seawater. Seawater samples in Punat Bay were measured and collected in three seasons: summer (25 sites), autumn (12 sites) and winter (20 sites). Freshwater samples from 7 springs and 2 accumulations on Krk Island were also collected. The position of each sampling site was determined by GPS. Conductivity, salinity, temperature and pH were measured in situ. Higher freshwater input was defined on the east and north coast of Punat Bay in the summer and winter seasons, and on the north coast in autumn. Stable isotope composition of freshwater from springs on Krk Island indicated fast circulation of groundwater, particularly in the wet winter season.
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