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Hočevje oolitic group, Central Slovenia
Stevo Dozet - (29/1,2000)
A 450 to 500 metre thick and prevalently oolitic complex in the Suha Krajina area, lying conformably upon the Upper Liassic platy and thin-bedded limestones and discordantly under the Upper Malm Korinj breccias, has been denominated and described in this paper. A minor discordance separates the oolitic complex into two parts: the lower black oolitic part of Dogger age and the upper greyish oolitic part of Lower Malm age. The proposed name of the above-mentioned oolitic rocks is the "Hočevje group" consisting of the underlying Laze formation and overlying Šentrumar formation. The micropaleontological study showed that at least the topmost part of Dogger was not deposited.
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