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Volume: 27
Issue: 1

Geoecological system of ...
Groundwater lowering in ...
Some notes about landsca ...
Karst in Enclosing Rocks ...
Perspectives on karst ge ...
Evaluating hillslope sta ...
Effect of automobile emi ...
Role and evaluation of s ...
Kras (The Classical Kars ...
Denuded caves - an inher ...
Influence of Pedo-chemic ...
On the role of clay-carb ...
Influence of modern farm ...
The potential corrosion ...
Rakovska kukava - collap ...
The experimental examina ...
Mineral composition of c ...
The dynamics of flowston ...
Relation precipitation - ...
Stable isotopes as natur ...
Puttrell's visit to Slov ...
Did the Argonauts of Gre ...
Radiation doses due to r ...



Geoecological system of karst
Pages: 13-25
Ilona Bárány-Kevei
Abstract | PDF

Groundwater lowering in karstic aquifers due to agricultural activity in the Fucino plain (Abruzzi, Central Italy)
Pages: 27-45
Ezio Burri, Marco Petitta
Abstract | PDF

Some notes about landscape evolution in the Trieste Karst. Reading of the topographic maps time series (map 1:25000 "Poggioreale del Carso", foglio 40a iiso)
Pages: 61-79
Benedetta Castiglioni
Abstract | PDF

Karst in Enclosing Rocks of Kimberlite Diatremes on the Siberian Platform
Pages: 27-45
Andrej G. Filippov
Abstract | PDF

Perspectives on karst geomorphology in the 20th century
Pages: 79-98
Derek Ford
Abstract | PDF

Evaluating hillslope stability in tropical karst
Pages: 99-118
David Gillieson
Abstract | PDF

Effect of automobile emissions on the Jenolan Caves
Pages: 119-132
Julia M. James,Sarah J. Antil ,A. Cooper , M. J. D. Stone
Abstract | PDF

Role and evaluation of settlements on karst in Slovenia
Pages: 133-149
Drago Kladnik
Abstract | PDF

Kras (The Classical Karst) and the development of karst science
Pages: 151-164
Andrej Kranjc
Abstract | PDF

Denuded caves - an inherited element in the karst morphology, the case from Kras
Pages: 165-174
Andrej Mihevc, Tadej Slabe , Stanka Šebela
Abstract | PDF

Influence of Pedo-chemical Field on Epi-karstification in Subtropical Humid Region-Field Monitoring and Laboratory Experiment
Pages: 175-186
Genxing Pan, Yuxiang Tao , Yogzhong Teng , Shenyou Xu , Yuhua Sun , Fushun Han
Abstract | PDF

On the role of clay-carbonate reactions in speleo-inception, A contribution to the understanding of the earliest stage of karst channel formation
Pages: 187-200
Jože Pezdič, France Šušteršič , Miha Mišič
Abstract | PDF

Influence of modern farming on karstic landscapes
Pages: 201-213
Irena Brancelj Rejec
Abstract | PDF

The potential corrosion of speleothems by condensation water
Pages: 215-229
Song Linhua, Yang Jingrong , Wang Laihong
Abstract | PDF

Rakovska kukava - collapse or tumour doline?
Pages: 231-259
France Šušteršič
Abstract | PDF

The experimental examination of microbal origin corrosion aggressivity of karst soils
Pages: 261-275
László Zámbó
Abstract | PDF

Mineral composition of clastic sediments in some dolines along the new motorway Divača-Kozina
Pages: 277-296
Nadja Hajna Zupan
Abstract | PDF

The dynamics of flowstone deposition in the caves Postojnska, Planinska, Taborska and Škocjanske, Slovenia
Pages: 299-324
Ivan Gams, Janja Kogovšek
Abstract | PDF

Relation precipitation - spring discharge in the carbonate aquifer Tičnica
Pages: 325-347
Metka Petrič
Abstract | PDF

Stable isotopes as natural tracers of the karst recharge to the tertiary clastic aquifers: a case study of southern part of Ljubljana marsh
Pages: 349-360
Jože Pezdič,
Abstract | PDF

Puttrell's visit to Slovenia in 1928
Pages: 361-370
Trevor R. Shaw
Abstract | PDF

Did the Argonauts of Greek myth go underground in the Slovene karst?
Pages: 371-393
R. Trevor Shaw, G. Macqueen James
Abstract | PDF

Radiation doses due to radon and progeny in the Postojna Cave
Pages: 395-406
Janja Vaupotič, Petra Dujmovič , Ivan Kobal
Abstract | PDF

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