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Volume: 29
Issue: 2

Palaeomagnetic Research ...
The evolution of karst a ...
Thickness of cap rock an ...
Collapse structures as a ...
Large collapse dolines i ...
Caves below collapse dol ...
Gypsum-karst collapse in ...
Doline morphogenetic pro ...
Patterns of collapse cha ...
Modelling the stability ...
Geographic information s ...
Upper Miocene karst coll ...
Coastal speleogenesis an ...
Morphogenetical aspects ...
Velika Jeršanova ...
Are "collapse dolines" f ...
Notes on the history of ...
Natural bridges on the V ...
Water tracing test in th ...
The fossilized tubes fro ...
Characteristics of the r ...
Function feeding groups ...
Paleomagnetic dating of ...



Palaeomagnetic Research of a Fossil Cave in the Highway Construction at Kozina, SW Slovenia
Pages: 15-33
Pavel Bosák, Martin Knez, Dana Otrubová , Petr Pruner, Tadej Slabe, Daniela Venhodová
Abstract | PDF

The evolution of karst and caves in the Konûprusy region (Bohemian Karst, Czech Republic), Part III: Collapse structures
Pages: 35-50
Pavel Bosák
Abstract | PDF

Thickness of cap rock and other important factors affecting the morphogenesis of salt karst
Pages: 51-64
Jirí Bruthans, Jakub Šmíd , Michal Filippi , Ondrej Zeman
Abstract | PDF

Collapse structures as a connection between the Karst surface and underground (Examples from Croatia)
Pages: 65-81
Nenad Buzjak
Abstract | PDF

Large collapse dolines in Puglia (southern Italy): the cases of "Dolina Pozzatina" in the Gargano plateau and of "puli" in the Murge
Pages: 83-93
Benedetta Castiglioni, Ugo Sauro
Abstract | PDF

Caves below collapse dolines - case study of Tisova Jama (Eastern Serbia)
Pages: 95-101
Jelena Ćalić-Ljubojević, Vladimir Ljubojević
Abstract | PDF

Gypsum-karst collapse in the Black Hills, South Dakota-Wyoming, USA
Pages: 103-122
Jack B. Epstein
Abstract | PDF

Doline morphogenetic processes from global and local viewpoints
Pages: 123-137
Ivan Gams
Abstract | PDF

Patterns of collapse chambers in the endokarsts of Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain)
Pages: 139-148
Ŕngel Ginés
Abstract | PDF

Modelling the stability of a very large cave chamber, case study: Brezno pri Medvedovi konti
Pages: 149-159
Jože Kortnik, France Šušteršič
Abstract | PDF

Geographic information systems analysis of geologic controls on the distribution on dolines in the Ozarks of south-central Missouri, USA
Pages: 161-175
C. Randall Orndorff, J. Weary David , M. Lagueux Kerry
Abstract | PDF

Upper Miocene karst collapse structures of the east coast, Mallorca, Spain
Pages: 177-184
Robledo Pedro Ardila, Luis Pomar
Abstract | PDF

Coastal speleogenesis and collapsing by emptying of karst breccia-pipes on the marine cliffs of the Gargano peninsula (Apulia, Italy)
Pages: 185-193
Ugo Sauro
Abstract | PDF

Morphogenetical aspects of collapse dolines and open pits in the karst of the Venetian Fore-Alps
Pages: 195-199
Ugo Sauro
Abstract | PDF

Velika Jeršanova doline - a former collapse doline
Pages: 201-212
Stanka Šebela, Jože Čar
Abstract | PDF

Are "collapse dolines" formed only by collapse?
Pages: 213-230
France Šušteršič
Abstract | PDF

Notes on the history of some karstological terms - hydrothermal karst, geysermite, vadose zone
Pages: 233-240
Pavel Bosák
Abstract | PDF

Natural bridges on the Vratna River (Eastern Serbia) as the last remnants of a former cave
Pages: 241-248
Jelena Ćalić-Ljubojević
Abstract | PDF

Water tracing test in the Tianshengan region, China at high water level
Pages: 249-260
Janja Kogovšek, Hong Liu
Abstract | PDF

The fossilized tubes from the roofless cave - probably the oldest known remains of the cave worm Marifugia (Annelida: Polychaeta)
Pages: 261-270
Andrej Mihevc
Abstract | PDF

Characteristics of the recharge-discharge relation of the karst aquifer in the background of the Vipava springs (Slovenia)
Pages: 271-292
Metka Petrič
Abstract | PDF

Function feeding groups of macroinvertebrates in the Reka river (Slovenia)
Pages: 293-301
Tanja Pipan
Abstract | PDF

Paleomagnetic dating of sediments in caves opened during highway construction near Kozina, Slovenia
Pages: 303-312
Stanka Šebela, D. Sasowsky Ira
Abstract | PDF

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