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Volume: 33
Issue: 2

The troubles with cupola ...
Geomorphologic evolution ...
Karstification along the ...
Karst uncovered during t ...
The caves of the contact ...
Geomorphological Conditi ...
Forecasting Versus Predi ...
Vulnerability mapping in ...
Further dates of heavy m ...
Contribution to knowledg ...
Ghar Al Hibashi lava tub ...
Constraints on the geolo ...
Palaeomagnetic and U-ser ...
Comparison of 14C and 23 ...
Faunal dynamics in the & ...
Ecological and microgeog ...
Gruber's Karst Research ...
Schaffenrath's Inscripti ...
Valvasor - a common erro ...



The troubles with cupolas
Pages: 9-36
R. L. Armstrong Osborne
Abstract | PDF

Geomorphologic evolution of a coastal karst: the Gulf of Orosei (central-east Sardinia, Italy)
Pages: 37-54
Jo De Waele
Abstract | PDF

Karstification along the thrust contact between the dolomite and limestone in Idrijski log and Koševnik (Idrijsko, Slovenia)
Pages: 55-74
Bojana Zagoda
Abstract | PDF

Karst uncovered during the Bič- Korenitka motorway construction (Dolenjska, Slovenia)
Pages: 75-90
Martin Knez, Tadej Slabe , Stanka Šebela
Abstract | PDF

The caves of the contact karst of Beka and Ocizla, the SW Slovenia
Pages: 91-106
Nadja Hajna Zupan
Abstract | PDF

Geomorphological Conditions of the Genesis of the Ponor Jovac Cave (Croatia)
Pages: 107-114
Neven Bočić, �eljko Baćurin
Abstract | PDF

Forecasting Versus Predicting Solute Transport in Solution Conduits for Estimating Drinking-Water Risks
Pages: 115-150
S. Malcolm Field
Abstract | PDF

Vulnerability mapping in the recharge area of the Korentan spring, Slovenia
Pages: 151-168
Metka Petrič, Stanka Šebela
Abstract | PDF

Further dates of heavy metal content on the soil and vegetation of Aggtelek Karst (Hungary)
Pages: 169-180
Rita Kaszala, Ilona Bárány-Kevei , Klára Polyák
Abstract | PDF

Contribution to knowledge of the content of heavy metals (Pb, Cu, Zn and Cd) in speleological objects in the Risnjak national park (Croatia)
Pages: 181-188
Boris Vrbek, Nenad Buzjak
Abstract | PDF

Ghar Al Hibashi lava tube: the richest site in Saudi Arabia for cave minerals
Pages: 189-206
Paolo Forti, Ermanno Galli , Antonio Rossi , John Pint , Susana Pint
Abstract | PDF

Constraints on the geological history of the karst system in southern Missouri, U.S.A. provided by radiogenic, cosmogenic and physical/chemical characteristics of doline fill
Pages: 207-218
J. David Weary, W. Harrison Richard , P. Wright Maria , B. Jacobson Robert , J. Pavich Milan , A. Mahan Shannon , J. Wronkiewicz David
Abstract | PDF

Palaeomagnetic and U-series dating of cave sediments in Baradla Cave, Hungary
Pages: 219-238
Pavel Bosák, Helena Hercman , Jaroslav Kadlec , János Móga , Petr Pruner
Abstract | PDF

Comparison of 14C and 230Th/234U dating of speleothems from submarine caves in the Adriatic Sea (Croatia)
Pages: 239-248
Maša Surić, Mladen Juračić, Nada Horvatinčić
Abstract | PDF

Faunal dynamics in the Železna jama cave
Pages: 249-268
Tone Novak, Jožica Sambol , Franc Janžekovič
Abstract | PDF

Ecological and microgeographical study of an epikarstic fauna in West Virgina (USA)
Pages: 269-276
Tanja Pipan
Abstract | PDF

Gruber's Karst Research
Pages: 277-298
Stanislav Južnič
Abstract | PDF

Schaffenrath's Inscription Column in Pisani rov, Postojnska jama
Pages: 299-312
S. Kempe, I. Bauer , H. Dirks , H.-V. Henschel
Abstract | PDF

Valvasor - a common error about his publications on Cerkniško jezero, Slovenia
Pages: 313-318
Trevor R. Shaw
Abstract | PDF

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