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Volume: 36
Issue: 1

On denudation rates in Ka ...
Variation in rates of Kar ...
Time scales in the evolut ...
The age of Karst relief i ...
Evolution and age relatio ...
Cave and Karst evolution ...
Aspects of the evolution ...
Historical biogeography o ...
What Does the Distributio ...
How to date nothing with ...
Upper Cretaceous to Paleo ...
A Review of Coalesced, Co ...
The world’s oldest caves: ...
Clastic sediments in cave ...
Analysis of long-term (18 ...
Timing of Passage Develop ...
How long does evolution o ...
Age estimates for some su ...
The challenge of estimati ...
Pattern and process: Evol ...



On denudation rates in Karst
Pages: 7-14
Franci Gabrovšek
Abstract | PDF

Variation in rates of Karst processes
Pages: 15-24
Arthur N. Palmer
Abstract | PDF

Time scales in the evolution of solution porosity in porous coastal carbonate aquifers by mixing corrosion in the saltwater-freshwater transition zone
Pages: 25-34
Wolfgang Dreybrodt and Douchko Romanov
Abstract | PDF

The age of Karst relief in west Slovenia
Pages: 35-44
Andrej Mihevc
Abstract | PDF

Evolution and age relations of karst landscapes
Pages: 45-52
William B. White
Abstract | PDF

Cave and Karst evolution in the Alps and their relation to paleoclimate and paleotopography
Pages: 53-68
Philippe Audra, Alfredo Bini, Franci Gabrovšek, Philipp Häuselmann, Fabien Hobléa, Pierre-Yves Jeannin, Jurij Kunaver, Michel Monbaron, France Šušteršič, Paola Tognini, Hubert Trimmel & Andres Wildberger
Abstract | PDF

Aspects of the evolution of an important geo-ecosystem in the Lessinian Mountain (Venetian Prealps, Italy)
Pages: 69-76
Leonardo Latella & Ugo Sauro
Abstract | PDF

Historical biogeography of subterranean beetles – “Plato’s cave” or scientific evidence?
Pages: 77-86
Oana Teodora Moldovan & Géza Rajka
Abstract | PDF

What Does the Distribution of Stygobiotic Copepoda (Crustacea) Tell Us About Their Age?
Pages: 87-92
David C. Culver & Tanja Pipan
Abstract | PDF

How to date nothing with cosmogenic nuclides
Pages: 93-100
Philipp Häuselmann
Abstract | PDF

Upper Cretaceous to Paleogene forbulge unconformity associated with foreland basin evolution (Kras, Matarsko Podolje and Istria; SW Slovenia and NW Croatia)
Pages: 101-120
Bojan Otoničar
Abstract | PDF

A Review of Coalesced, Collapsed-Paleocave Systems and Associated Suprastratal Deformation
Pages: 121-132
Robert G. Loucks
Abstract | PDF

The world’s oldest caves: - how did they survive and what can they tell us?
Pages: 133-142
R. Armstrong L. Osborne
Abstract | PDF

Clastic sediments in caves – imperfect recorders of processes in karst
Pages: 143-150
Ira D. Sasowsky
Abstract | PDF

Analysis of long-term (1878-2004) mean annual discharges of the karst spring Fontaine de Vaucluse (France)
Pages: 151-156
Ognjen Bonacci
Abstract | PDF

Timing of Passage Development and Sedimentation at Cave of the Winds, Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA
Pages: 157-172
Fred G. Luiszer
Abstract | PDF

How long does evolution of the troglomorphic form take? Estimating divergence times in Astyanax mexicanus
Pages: 173-182
Megan L. Porter, Katharina Dittmar & Marcos Pérez-Losada
Abstract | PDF

Age estimates for some subterranean taxa and lineages in the Dinaric Karst.- Acta carsologica
Pages: 183-190
Peter Trontelj, Špela Gorički, Slavko Polak, Rudi Verovnik, Valerija Zakšek & Boris Sket
Abstract | PDF

The challenge of estimating the age of subterranean lineages: examples from Brazil
Pages: 191-198
Eleonora Trajano
Abstract | PDF

Pattern and process: Evolution of troglomorphy in the cave-planthoppers of Australia and Hawai’i ‒ Preliminary observations (Insecta: Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Cixiidae)
Pages: 199-206
Andreas Wessel, Petra Erbe & Hannelore Hoch
Abstract | PDF

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